Kiss My Axe: How it all started...

In early 2019, our Directors (and English expats) Ian Williams and Jason Macdonald were downing beers in Sydney’s eastern suburbs when they discovered their joint passion for action packed sports. It was here they put their heads together and created Kiss My Axe, the first Sydney venue of its kind – a combined urban indoor axe throwing centre and fully equipped corporate venue under the one roof.

Kiss My Axe was birthed with the desire to create a space that brought people from all demographics and walks of life together for a bloody good time and the boys combined experience in hospitality and logistics meant they were the perfect candidates to bring this offering to the marketplace.

Axe Throwing has long been a popular sport in Canada and the US and Ian and Jason believed it was high time Australia got in on the axe-tion. From league and couples’ nights, to corporate and team building events, birthdays, hens and bucks parties, Kiss My Axe is equipped to host it all. We’re here to give you the thrilling and memorable experiences you’ve craved for so long.

Not only that, we offer a range of other entertainment from Corn hole & Giant Jenga to ‘The Game’, a  Triathlon Olympic Tournament and event food catering. No matter what the event, Kiss My Axe will hit the target.

What is urban axe throwing?

Urban axe throwing is a fun sport where you’ll get the opportunity to throw solid steel axes at wooden targets in an axe-tion packed 2-hour session:

  • You’re dedicated coaching will teach you all you need to know about the skill of axe throwing in your very own private lane.
  • Challenge your friends in a round robin competition to determine who in your crew is the natural lumberjack (or jill).
  • Come join us for the axe-citement and unleash your inner viking!

What does a session look like?

Meet Your Coach
Your group will be greeted by one of our expert axe-throwing coaches who’ll give you a tour of our venue and complete a safety induction – a must do when it comes to axe throwing (we don’t want any axe-cidents)!
Axe-pert Training
Your private one-on-two training begins. Here your coach will teach you how to become an axe-pert starting with the basics of the sport from the anatomy of an axe, to different axe types and how to master them, axe grip, rotation and throwing position and stance.
Practice Time
Chop chop, it’s time to get some practice and start looking sharp – here your coach will offer tailored feedback on your new axe throwing skillset.
Game On
Once everyone is comfortable, it’s time to hit the target. Your coach will begin a competitive round robin games sesh with your crew. May the best lumberjack (or jill) win!
Meet the team

A little about us

Jason Macdonald

Founder & Hospitality Genius

When it comes to hospitality, it doesn’t get much better than Jason Macdonald. His vast experience serving people across Australia, England and the US has taught him the essential skills to provide world class service that goes beyond his customer’s axe-pectations.

Jason lives and breathes hospitality. His ambition, hard-work and killer attitude has landed him roles in some of the biggest hospitality launches worldwide, not to mention the awards he has personally won for his outstanding hospitality service.

Jason is passionate about creating fun spaces, not only for his customers but for his staff too. He desires to create memorable guest experiences through venues that offer outstanding hospitality from the moment you walk through the door, until the moment you leave. He has one mission for anyone that comes to Kiss My Axe and that is that they must leave happier than when they arrived.

Jason’s personality and attitude are infectious, if you can’t see him, you can feel his presence. When he’s not welcoming guests on arrival, you’ll often find him punting and giving pointers to the underdog from the sidelines.

Ian Williams

Founder & Resident Leadership Trainer

Founder and Resident Leadership Trainer Ian Williams is no axe-ccident to Kiss My Axe.

A leader in his own right, Ian has spent the last 20 years honing his skills across a variety of senior leadership roles, predominantly in the logistics industry to bring you the ‘Don’t Get Axed’ Corporate Leadership Training.

Ian has managed teams in their thousands across Australia and the UK, pioneered major business transformations that have delivered multi-million dollar improvements to the corporations he has helped lead.

These experiences have taught Ian to weaponize a systematic approach to creating great culture and consequential high performing teams. He believes a key component of this rests in the reward and recognition of staff, valuing and motivating them towards the greater cause and he teaches this as part of his corporate leadership training at Kiss My Axe.

Ian is also an avid sportsman himself, wait till you see him behind the blade.

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