Leadership Workshops

This private workshop is designed to build closer teams and stronger leaders.

If you have decision makers in your business they need to be able to lead.

You will be put to the test but importantly walk away with new skills to take away for your team.

The workshop includes leadership training and team building activities which also include axe throwing, suprise suprise!

Choose from a selection of leadership workshops including:

4 Attributes of Great Leaders

Discipline is everything

Great Leaders Create Great Culture

The 4 Pillars of Effective Leadership

The Power of Building Rapport

The Recipe for Great Customer Service

What it takes to become a transformational leader

Or contact us to chat about a bespoke program catered for your needs!

Outcomes you can axe-pect from our leadership training:

  • Create and sell corporate vision using inclusion tactics
  • Generate results through buy-in and genuine care for your team
  • Cultivate strong company culture
  • Foster strong communication and decision-making skills
  • Importance of good character and leading by example
  • Build team connections to drive influence
  • Power of reward and recognition

Transformation you can axe-pect from the team building activities:

  • Teamwork & bonding
  • Communication skills
  • Trust & respect
  • Leadership & responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Value and morale
  • Genuine fun and memorable experiences

We promise to make it as axe-citing as possible every step of the way with our tailored sessions.

The days’ schedule and what’s to eat

Click BOOK NOW ALEXANDRIA, below, to see a run down of how the day is scheduled.

The cost also includes a fully catered lunch and morning tea. Tea and coffee is also available on site throughout the day.

Please see our Food & Bar page for the full menu of what is available. 

Our resident leadership trainer: Ian Williams

Our team building events are run by our resident leadership guru Ian Williams.

Ian has held various corporate senior leadership roles over the past 20 years and carried out numerous business transformations, managing teams in the thousands and delivering multi-million-dollar improvements across Australia and the UK. He’s no axe-cident,.

He is passionate about unleashing your full leadership potential and helping you how to motivate, inspire and empower your teams by adopting his ‘execution of excellence program’.

Did we mention, he’s a nice English chap to go with it (axe-cent provided free of charge).

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